Macdiarmid Architecture

Macdiarmid Architecture – Architecture for Body and Soul

In September 2014 we have been in our own business for ten years.  We helped many hundreds of people with their building projects large and small.  And we feel privileged to have been invited to do so.

When it comes to building your home, we understand well how important it is to choose an architect you can trust.

Our approach to architecture is focused on people and their unique circumstances. Some people have strong ideas and here Ian translates these ideas into an actual building that is cost efficient and works well. Other people are not sure about what they want. In this case Ian comes up with a complete design proposal.

Our ‘client centred’ approach is somewhat different from ‘traditional architecture’ that mostly aims to show off the architect’s ideas. With a traditional mindset buildings often become the ‘architect’s statement’. By contrast at Macdiarmid Architecture, we take pleasure in helping you to discover your preferred design.

Below you can see some houses we were involved with…

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