About Our Services

IMG_5257Pleasing and Cost-Effective Designs

It is our pleasure to offer architectural services that focus on your unique needs. 

Ian Macdiarmid brings the best of 30 years of experience in the architectural field to your project.  He has the professional touch of an architect, as well as the no nonsense approach of a practical draughtsman. 

We cover all aspects of residential or commercial design and draughting.  We have a range of excellent tools to help you discover your best design for your project.  You can see details of your project before building it by using our computer modelling service.

Relax…with our Easy Process

We ensure all necessary consents, drawings, specifications and agreements are dealt with efficiently.  You can relax and enjoy some free time, secure in the knowledge everything is taken care of. 

You can choose a lesser or greater involvement in the building process.  We aim to save you money, risks and time.  Daily we are in contact with several superb builders.  We can administer a tender process to select the most suitable and most cost effective contractor for your project.  We also provide contract administration services for the construction phase of your project if you prefer a complete professional service. 



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